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Halfway into the Light

for the darkness may hold me no longer

Maria Evans
Willst du immer weiter schweifen?
Sieh, das Gute liegt so nah
Lerne nur das Gluck ergreifen
Denn das Gluck ist immer da.

"Did I ever tell you about this boy I met there, who pretended to be in a band?" - Amy Pond in The Girl Who Waited

Love abides. We talk sometimes, about how "true love" isn't real, how it's an obsession in those who have lost it, especially when we are tired and cranky and think that love has soured. Because when it's successful there are kids and there are finances and it's hard to remember what it was like at the beginning, and somehow it's not until we are about to lose it that we begin to recall what happened to us, and not until it's lost that we can understand what is missing because of the shape of the hole. But love abides.